AREST proposes to support the implementation of India's NDC and LDN pledges by targeting restoration through multiple interventions such as conservation, agroforestry, and reforestation aimed at enhancing rural livelihoods, food security, and ecosystem services; and improving policies and governance for managing commons, and other public and private lands. The ‘AREST approach’ brings together scientific rigor and grassroots engagements for achieving pluralistic goals of climate and human well-being through ecological restoration.

AREST looks at restoring degraded lands through ecosystem restoration on four types of ecosystems across India’s semi-arid and sub-humid zones. These are:







The alliance will collaborate on scientific evidence-based assessments on carbon sequestration and other co-benefits from restoration such as biodiversity conservation, hydrological security, and rural employment to channel finance for policy recommendations to meet the restoration target. For this purpose, the following activities are being carried out:

  • Analysing multi-dimensional data for land use, land degradation, land cover, livestock pressure, impacts of invasive species, and hydrological risks and trade-offs with other ecosystem services
  • Conducting demand-side assessments by analyzing socio-economic factors of tenure, fuelwood dependence, local demographics, and nutritional security.
  • Based on the above, identifying socio-ecologically suitable interventions and species for restoration
  • Identifying financing mechanisms based on supply-side and demand-side assessments for funding restoration
This synergistically aligns to India’s national missions such as the Green India Mission and the Sub-Mission for Agroforestry and its international commitments to the Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals, Land Degradation Neutrality, Aichi Targets on Biodiversity, the Bonn Challenge. Together, this is an opportunity to co-create a public-private financing model for restoration and associated co-benefits for livelihood.

An overview of the AREST restoration roadmap is available to download here.

AREST Landscape Map